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About Me

Muhammad Husnain


CV Logo

Email: husnain1984@gmail.com

Mobile: (+92) 331-3536326

Self Assessment:

Possess high Technical and Management Skills in the field of Information Technology. Ability to adopt any environment with very short learning curve, capable of Analyzing, Designing, implementation and testing of medium and large scale Projects. Versatile team player with excellent communication skills (with fluency in English Urdu) and can work in a group as well as individually in a challenging Environment.

Summary of Professional Experience:

Around 5 years of experience in the field of Information Technology with focus on Software Design, web development, testing and Resource management. I am also a part time web developer and developed 3 websites for online Quran Learning.

Post Graduation level knowledge:

I have read following courses at Post Graduate level from best international researchers of Software Engineering.

¨ Software Project Management

¨ Software Quality Engineering

¨ Software Requirement Engineering

¨ Software Testing

¨ Software Design and Architecture

¨ Software Process Engineering.

From March 2011 to Date:

Vizteck, solutions, Islamabad Pakistan as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer Cum Scrum Master

Tested 30+ Android, iPhone and Web Applications up to date. Here is the list

Responsibilities include:


Data Base Design analysis and verification of projects data from database

From April 2010 to date:

Netsolace, Islamabad Pakistan as a Software Quality Engineer

Responsibilities include:

From April 2008 to January 2009:

Aspire Solutions, Islamabad, Pakistan as a Software Engineer

Responsibilities include:

  1. http://www.mosaic.uk.net/ (CMS using php MySQL)

Short description: This was a dynamic Content Management System of UK based company. We have provided solution for creating, editing and deleting new pages. Admin can upload images and flash objects. All source code of the pages stored and retrieved in its database.

  1. www.freeweightloss-book.com and www.healthygrocerystourtour.com

Short description: This was an E-commerce website. Online shopping, newsletter, subscriptions and e-bay was included in this website.

3. www.hotislamicissues.com

Short description: CMS (php, Mysql) for a Pakistani client, CMS can provide all functionalities which are required for any best CMS.

4. Computer shop inventory system (c#.Net , MS SQL)

Short description: an inventory system for managing all activities of the computer shop.

Online Quran Learning projects:

  1. http://www.quranquest.net
  2. http://www.alquranlearnings.com
  3. http://www.onlinequraneducators.org

Gap Analysis for CMM level:

True Meridain, Islamabad


This was a study period project for finding the CMM level of organization “True Meridian”. This activity I have done following things.

  1. Choosing CMM Level according to best knowledge
  2. Brief analysis of Company
  3. Made a questionnaire for interviewing the Quality Assurance team
  4. Conducted an interview
  5. The results showed that the organization “True Meridian” was on CMM level 2.
  6. Gave instructions to company for achieving next level of CMM.

Software Tools

– Visual Studio .Net 2005

– SQL Server 2005

– Php5 Dreamweaver


– SnagIt

– Mantis Bug Tracking Tool

Educational Qualification:

Degree / Certificate Institution %age
¨ M.S (Software Engineering) International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan 72%
¨ BS Hon’s (Computer Science) University of Agriculture Rawalpindi 63%
¨ Special Diploma of English Language PIOUS, Wah Cantt 80.30%
¨ MCSE(Microsoft Certified System Engineering) Corvit Systems, Islamabad, Pakistan 90.40%




1) Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed

Asst. Professor,

Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan

2) Mr. Nadeem Majeed

Assistant Professor

University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan




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